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Welcome to the San Antonio Area Foundation. We’re here to help you give efficiently and effectively to the causes and charities of your choice. We can ensure that you will leave a lasting legacy for the community.

Be strategic with your charitable giving.

The San Antonio Area Foundation can help you give with impact. We invest, protect and grow your gifts so that you can support your favorite causes for years to come. Support activities right here in San Antonio, or any approved nonprofit in the nation. With a permanent endowment fund, even your great-great grandchildren will be making grants from the legacy you establish. You can start giving through a fund now, or you can make plans for a fund that begins giving after you are gone. We are flexible and accept a variety of assets from simple to very complex, to accommodate your charitable needs.

"We are now part of a community of like-minded people. The Area Foundation has professionals who can handle the paperwork and logistics while allowing us to focus on our mission of research, treatment and therapy for children with anoxic brain injury." Liz Tullis, fundholder, ConradSmiles Fund

We are here to partner with you in improving our community.

There are more than 1,800 other place-based or community foundations throughout the world. The San Antonio Area Foundation offers charitable funds for families, individuals, businesses and charitable organizations to use during and after their lifetime. Since 1964, San Antonio residents and organizations have established over 500 charitable funds at the Area Foundation, distributing over $500 million in scholarships and grants to educate youth, preserve the environment, protect animals, fund research and provide services that enhance the quality of life for people living in and around San Antonio.

We can help you achieve your charitable goals.

How can we help you? Contact us to talk about your vision for a better community and how you can begin making a difference today.

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The San Antonio Area Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community.

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