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Establishing a fund at the San Antonio Area Foundation is an easy, effective way to invest in your community. You can focus on specific organizations, issues or regions, or create a fund with a flexible purpose. Funds can be created in as little as one meeting, with a short fund agreement and a single gift.

"We are now part of a community of like-minded people. The Area Foundation has professionals who can handle the paperwork and logistics while allowing us to focus on our mission of research, treatment and therapy for children with anoxic brain injury." Liz Tullis, fundholder, ConradSmiles Fund

Which fund is right for you?

We offer nine types of funds to meet your charitable goals. 

Choose the best one for you

We will work closely with you and your family through the following steps in establishing your fund:

1. Define your charitable and financial objectives.

  • What's your passion? What do you envision for your community?
  • What level of tax benefit do you seek?
  • Would you like to involve the next generation of your family?

2. Determine your fund's giving strategy.

  • To support the broadest range of local needs.
  • To support a variety of organizations within a particular field, such as music education, the environment or affordable housing, as examples.
  • To support varying organizations at your recommendation.
  • To benefit one or more specific charitable organization(s).
  • To generate scholarships for students seeking higher education

3. Choose a type of fund.

We offer nine types of funds for you to choose from based on your charitable goals.

4. Determine the timing and amount of your gift.

  • Create a fund during your lifetime?
  • Create a fund through your will or trust?

5. Decide what assets to contribute.

We accept a variety of assets, from simple to the most complex.

6. Consider your income needs.

  • Are you interested in making a charitable gift and receiving income for the remainder of your lifetime or a set period of years? Both are possible with a charitable remainder trust.
  • Are you interested in making a charitable gift now, but preserving some wealth for your heirs after your lifetime? You may be interested in a charitable lead trust.

7. Name the fund.

  • Funds can be named for you, your family, business or to memorialize or honor a loved one.
  • Or, choose anonymity and select a name reflecting your charitable purposes.

8. Sign the fund agreement.

Once you complete and sign the fund agreement, the San Antonio Area Foundation will begin to help you meet your charitable goals, assuring your wishes are met in perpetuity.

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The San Antonio Area Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community.

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