Animal No-Kill Initiative

The Area Foundation is improving the lives of people and pets through the Animal No-Kill Initiative.

Prior to 2006, San Antonio had the third highest euthanasia rate of pets per capita in the country, with 50,000 animals euthanized annually. In 2007, the Area Foundation launched a bold effort to help San Antonio become a No-Kill city for dogs and cats. "No Kill” means that healthy or treatable dogs and cats that end up in area shelters are not killed simply because there is no space for them. Through collaboration between our city, local animal welfare agencies and key leadership from the Area Foundation, the live release rate has since increased from 11 percent in 2006 to 90 percent in 2016.

More than $5 million in grant funding has been given to nonprofits for No-Kill projects.

In addition to grant funding, we provide leadership and resources, bringing people together for innovative and high-impact solutions. Nonprofits can apply for a grant in animal services from the Area Foundation.

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Talk About It!, the outreach program of the Animal No-Kill initiative, educates the community on the importance of Care. Adopt. Neuter. to help San Antonio become the largest No-Kill city in the nation. Our team works to:

  • Promote Care. Adopt. Neuter. in San Antonio
  • Build awareness on no-kill progress
  • Partner with the local shelter and animal welfare organizations
  • Host adoption and outreach events to engage the community
  • Provide information on low-cost pet resources available

Animal No-Kill Quarterly Reports

We have developed a series of reports to track the status of our City’s 2006 Animal Care Strategic Plan goals based on the format of Nathan Winograd’s 'No Kill Equation'. The report also shows the grants awarded to nonprofit agencies for No Kill related projects and the gifts received into our Animal No Kill Fund.

2016 Reports:

Archive Reports:

Consortium of Partners

Debi Silva, Community Chair

Chris Bellows
Kathy Davis
Sherry Derdak

Joann Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Pedro "Speedy" Gonzalez

Kenneth Kirlin
Marcia Lynch

Nancy May
Lisa McGrath

Renee Nank, Ph.D.
Lisa Norwood

Sallie Scott

Amanda Ternan
Tom Veitch

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