College Success Initiative

Our College Success Initiative aims to support our scholarship recipients, specifically first generation or low-income students, in completing their college education. 

Since 1969, the San Antonio Area Foundation has given out $20 million in scholarships to support higher education. We have learned that providing financial and social support to students who have a harder time getting into college is important, but their challenges continue after they have been accepted. Students are often in need of additional support to ensure their graduation. Studies show that nationwide, 59 percent of students from four-year college institutions graduate within six years (2013)

In order to identify the right resources and programs to fund, we are researching best practices and learning from our students about the challenges they face while attending college. With consent from our donors, we have enrolled the Rapier Educational Scholarship students into our research and pilot project. We are tracking the Rapier scholars’ academic performance and have surveyed them to better understand the factors that make them more likely to succeed in college and the barriers that make it difficult for them to perform well in school.  Their lived experience will shape our future investment in the appropriate interventions and models of support that could further increase their graduation rates. Download the PPT with survey results of the pilot program. 

Please return to this page for updates on this initiative. 

If you would like to know how you can be involved or to inform us of a program that we should consider, please contact or 210.242.4775.

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