Capital and Naming Rights Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions for our Capital and Naming Rights Grants process.

Is my organization eligible for funding if the proposed building is not in the designated geographic area but the clients who will use it are?

All proposals will be considered on a case by case basis. We will consider proposals that will primarily serve clients from the Santikos geographic areas. 

Will you consider supporting recently completed capital projects?


Will you support retroactive costs towards a recently constructed, acquired, renovated etc. capital project?


Will you consider supporting a capital project that will be complete before the grant has been awarded?


Are naming rights only expected for requests to support programs?

No, each request for funding must offer a significant naming rights opportunity.

If I intend to apply for funds to support a physical space, can I offer naming rights for a program vs. a physical building? Can I do both?

Yes, you can offer one or both.

Is there a minimum request amount for funding?

While we don’t have a minimum amount we prefer to make significant grants that support meaningful work in our community.

Can I meet with someone at the Area Foundation to discuss my proposal?

Yes, you can call, email or set up a meeting with Patricia Mejia, vice-president of Community Engagement and Impact. Organizations seeking consultation must schedule an appointment through Jessica Urias at 210.775.1186. You may also contact Cadence Corbin, 210.242.4721, Gavin Nichols, 210.242.4720 or Stephanie LaFroscia, 210.228.3754.

I’m having trouble accessing my application or finding the application, who do I contact?

Contact Catherine Garcia.

My organization would like to make a significant ask, but we do not need the whole amount disbursed at once, will the committee consider making multiple grants over multiple years to honor our request?

Yes, the committee will consider disbursing grant funds to honor a single proposal over a limited period of time depending on the nature of the request, at their discretion. Please state your interest in this type of consideration in your application. Please note that we are not accepting multi-year requests at this time.

Would the Area Foundation consider a multi-year request for funding?

While our committee can decide to make multi-year disbursements, we are not accepting multi-year requests at this time.

Can I select more than one Areas of Giving/Criteria through the proposal?

Yes, if your project meets several of Mr. Santikos’ Areas of Giving you can choose more than one criteria/areas of giving on the proposal. 

Does the $3 million available change the amount organizations can request through this opportunity?

Organizations can ask for grants worth $3 million or less at this time. 

Will $3 million be the set amount available through this opportunity in the future? Will the opportunity be continued to be offered biannually or change to annually?

The Area Foundation, bases its grant opportunities on financial projections. Once we have a sense of future financial realities, we will revisit this opportunity and communicate its long-term structure and budget to the community. 

What does perpetuity mean?

At this time, offering a naming right in perpetuity means offering it forever. 

If an organization offers a naming right and the building is need of repairs or replacement or if the organization moves to a new, would the Area Foundation require the naming right to be honored?

Organizations are encouraged to offer naming rights that are in line with its mission and policies and to communicate any stipulations around their naming rights that anticipate any scenarios where the offered naming right terms might be compromised.

If an organization does not offer a perpetual naming right, does that disadvantage our proposal?

We intend to support the most compelling proposals and require a significant naming right opportunity. While perpetual naming rights are not required, we do expect a long-term offering due to the nature of this opportunity. 

Where can organizations upload letters of support on the application?

Please upload letters of support at the visual aids section.

Can staff costs be included in a capital/naming rights budget?

Organizations are encouraged to consider and include the comprehensive costs of supporting a program or project. If staff costs are a part of the proposed project/program, these can be included.  Please refer to the budget section of the proposal for further instructions.

Are capital projects more likely to be funded compared to programs?


When can organizations receive the funds once the finalist are selected?

The date will be determined during next process in 2022. 

If I need more space than is available to submit visual aids, can my organization submit those files separately?


If my organization is a local branch of a national entity, whose audit includes us, is that audit acceptable?


When discussing evaluation, are you asking about the completion of the capital/naming project/program or the impact of the project once it is complete?

The Area Foundation will be tracking and expecting communication about the completion of the project/program as proposed in the evaluation section of each proposal. In addition to that, we are interested in understanding the capacity of your organization to track and evaluate the impact of the proposed project/program on the target communities upon completion. All finalists will be required to submit follow up reports that will capture both completion and impact on the community.

When will reporting be done?

Reporting will be expected annually and will be aligned with each program/projects’ proposed timeline.

Can an organization apply for funding to support a part of a capital campaign?


If a naming rights project is part of a larger campaign, which do you want to see the budget for?

That is up to your organization and the scope of your proposal. It is appropriate to share a full budget and ask for support that covers partial expenses. The committee will expect to see a budget that reflects the full scope of your proposed program/project. 

Will there be an opportunity for discussion/negotiation as to the length of naming right and amount requested?

If the advisory committee decides to proceed with your proposal and has questions about any information and details provided by your organization, they will be in touch and engage at their discretion. 

Is there a projected number of finalists that the Area Foundation expects to support?

No. While there are likely to be a reduced number of grants distributed this year due to the reduced amount of funding available to the community, the committee will have to consider the variety of submitted proposals before they can project how many they could support. 

Does the size of the organization influence its likelihood of consideration or selection?

No. The scoring system does not consider an organization’s size. 

What is the notification process?

Initial finalists will be contacted for site visits in April and finalists will be notified by the end of July.

When considering the impact of the proposed project, does the committee prioritize projects that seek to serve a high number of people?

The committee expects every organization to share the number of people they intend to reach through their project or program but does not limit its assessment to this measure alone. Quality and quantity are both important, so is depth and breadth.  Proposals that communicate potential impact in a compelling and significant way will perform best. Please review the scoring tool to see other factors that improve the significance of your requests.

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