High School Completion FAQs

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the high school completion grantmaking process.

What is the deadline for submitting the High School Completion grant application?

The application is currently closed.

What is an out-of-school time (OST) program?

An OST program provides academic, recreational and/or cultural activities for students after school on school days, on weekends, during holidays, spring break and in the summer. 

What types of measurements of success are you looking for?

In our research, we have found that the best indicators for a student’s success can be measured by how a student performs in school attendance, academic performance and behavior.  In the application, we ask you to show how you are collecting data from the school for at least one of these indicators and measuring the outcomes.

If I have a relationship with a charter school, does that qualify?

Yes, as long as the program is an out-of-school activity serving students in Bexar County in grades 3-9.

How long is the grant period?

The grant period runs from August through July. Multi-year grant requests are accepted for two or three year grants. 

Can the funds be used for personnel who will run the program?


Does the Area Foundation have a specific geographic focus?

Yes, for High School Completion, the project must serve students in Bexar County.

Do we need to create an account to access and complete the High School Completion grant application?

Yes. Please click here.

What does a complete grant application include?

A complete application MUST include the following:
  • Application (including list of Board of Directors and list of executive and management staff) Program/Project Budget and Financial Summary (two separate excel documents) 
  • Audited Financial Statements (If Audited Financial Statements are not available, send Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues/Expenses for most recent fiscal year. Do not submit IRS Form 990) 
  • Letter of support from a public or charter school with which you have a relationship. 

Will we be able to save the application prior to submitting?

Yes. You may save your application and make changes prior to submitting.

How often do I need to save when working on the application?

To avoid being logged out, applicants should use the Save as Draft button at least every 30 minutes.  An applicant will be automatically logged out of the system after 90 minutes without saving and all work will be lost—whether you are typing or not.

Does the High School Completion application need to be signed?

Yes, typing the name of the head of organization and board chair/president on the last page of the application acts as a signature and acknowledges that both have reviewed the application and all required attachments.

How are applications submitted to the Area Foundation for review?

All grant applications and required attachments must be submitted electronically.  We will not accept emails, faxes or hard copies. 

How will we know if the Area Foundation received our grant application?

Upon submission of your grant application, you will receive an automated response.  If you do not receive an automated response after submitting, please contact Gavin Nichols, Director of Grants and Programs, at 210.242.4720; or Catherine Garcia, Grants Manager, 210-228-3757.

Can an organization submit more than one High School Completion grant application?

No.  Each organization may submit only one application per deadline.  However, if two or more organizations may submit an application as a collaboration in addition to their individual applications.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of funding that can be requested?

No. Organizations should ask for the amount needed to fund the program, but applicants should keep in mind that the entire funding pool for the High School Completion process in 2018 was $635,000. Grants awarded are usually in the $10,000 - $50,000/ year range.

Why do you need an applicant’s Financial Statements and Financial Summary in order to consider a grant?

The board and staff of the San Antonio Area Foundation serve as stewards of our donors’ funds and, therefore, must have confidence that the investments we make in organizations are sound. The Financial Statements and Financial Summary (part of the application form) are reviewed to determine the financial stability of each organization and the sustainability of their program.

If an organization does not have Audited Financial Statements, what documentation is required?

If your organization does not have Audited Financial Statement, submit a Balance Sheet and a Statement of Revenues/Expenses for the most recent fiscal year. Both statements are required.  (Do not submit IRS Form 990.)

If an organization does not have three years of Financial Summary information, what is required to be submitted?

If an organization does not have three (3) years of budget information, provide all available financial history.  In other words, if the organization has not been incorporated for at least two years, complete the Financial Summary for the year(s) the organization has been in operation.

When will an organization be notified of the status of its application?

Yes. There are two phases of review.  Applications that do not make it through the first phase will be notified early April.  Applicants that remain in the process will be notified of grant awards in mid-June.

How is funding determined?

The applications are reviewed by our High School Completion Community Advisory Committee which is made up of a diverse group of community volunteers with experience and knowledge of the community’s educational needs.  Following the review process, which may include a site visit, the committee meets to make funding recommendations.

Does the Area Foundation award both full and partial grants?


When are grants awarded?

Notification of grant awards will be in mid-June.  Checks and contracts will be mailed in July.

If I apply in the High School Completion grant process can I still apply in the community grant process?

Yes. Applying for the High School Completion grant does not exclude you from applying for any of the other Area Foundation’s grant processes.  For more information about the Area Foundation grant processes, see: San Antonio Area Foundation Grants.

Is it possible to speak to someone before submitting an application?

Yes.  If you have any questions, please contact Gavin Nichols, Program Officer, at 210.242.4720 or gnichols@saafdn.org

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