San Antonio: An Age-Friendly Community

Our city’s vibrant culture and history has endless opportunities to be enriched even further in coming years. We are a community that is known for collaboration, ingenuity and innovative solutions. As our residents live longer and healthier lives, opportunities are abundant to integrate more fully the knowledge, wisdom and talents of older adults. Bexar County is expected to nearly double its population of older adults over the next 20 years, with similar growth rates through the year 2050. San Antonio is a city that is culturally primed to lead the nation to embrace meaningful changes that improve the quality of life for all generations, by inclusively supporting solutions to ensure we can all thrive as we age. 

SALSA has aligned their work to that of the World Health Organization’s Eight Domains of Livability. These domains have also been adopted by AARP and the City of San Antonio, creating a collaborative focus on aging successfully.

8 Domains for Age-Friendly Communities


What is SALSA?

Successful Aging and Living in San Antonio (SALSA) was created by the San Antonio Area Foundation to increase leadership, collaboration and funding to ensure older adults have access to necessary services, information and support systems.

SALSA is comprised of a multi-stakeholder, multi-sector steering committee and three focused workgroups. The workgroups are:

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Socialization and Caregiver Support

Our vision

A community where older adults are respected, thrive and enjoy connected lives.

Our mission

To transform our community by advancing practices and policies that improve the quality of life of older adults in Bexar County, especially those most vulnerable.

Our guiding principles

  • Embrace aging as a gift - Older adults are vital citizens, capable of providing significant contributions to the community and the economy throughout their life. Our work will reflect respect for older adults.
  • Plan with the older adult – We value the lived experiences of all older adults. Our work will include and engage older adults in our planning, decision-making and implementation processes.
  • Advocate and ensure equity – Multiple systems in our community can create barriers to equitable outcomes for all older adults. Our work will incorporate an awareness of the positive and negative influences that impact all older adults.
  • Connect the community – When we collaborate, we are more effective. Our work will plan, identify, provide, leverage, and coordinate and advocate for opportunities and resources across our community.
  • Improve quality of life – SALSA will make a difference. Our work will have a demonstrable and positive impact on the lives of older adults.


Engaged stakeholders 


Current accomplishments

Caregiver and Socialization Workgroup

The Caregiver and Socialization Workgroup wants to ensure older adults and their caregivers are aware of and have access to available resources in the community. The Workgroup members focus on the best ways to share data, provide information, and promote resources.  They come together and contribute their time, expertise, passions, and lived experiences to help develop and implement strategies to contribute to the San Antonio community where older adults are respected, thrive and enjoy connected lives.

Family Caregiver Toolkit  
With input from family caregivers the Workgroup created a dynamic toolkit for caregivers. This toolkit offers resources to those spouses, family, and significant others who provide care for their loved ones. The success of most care plans—from hospital discharge to everyday care in the home—often rests on the shoulders of the family caregiver. We hope this toolkit assists new or experienced home-based caregivers to understand their role and provides information about essential support for the challenges caregivers may face. We know that family caregiving impacts the physical and mental health, finances, career and other family and social relationships of the caregiver. A better-informed caregiver enhances quality of life of the person that they care for and the caregiver.


Transportation Workgroup

The Transportation Workgroup believes that older adults in all parts of the county should have equitable access to a variety of affordable, accessible, spontaneous and appropriate transportation options that allow them to go where they want, when they want.

The Transportation Workshop has commissioned a report summarizing issues and solutions in addressing transportation for older adults and individuals with disabilities. The report supports the creation of a “one-stop” center for transportation information and services and begins the process of seeking funding to hire a consultant who will conduct efforts to create a One Call/One Click (1C1C) system of transportation.

Housing Workgroup

The Housing Workgroup’s overarching desire is that neighborhoods and housing across Bexar County are safe, affordable and accessible for older adults and that older adults at all income levels can live in their homes longer.

The Housing Workgroup released its Barriers and Solutions report at a community meeting in September of 2019, highlighting the need to support aging-in-place solutions. The Workgroup will continue its advocacy efforts for the second year through the creation of an older-adult learning tract at the City’s Housing Summit.

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