OLLU Nonprofit Management Certificate Program FAQs

Below are some answers to some of our frequently asked questions about our OLLU nonprofit management certificate program. Should you have additional questions, please email learning@saafdn.org

When are the classes scheduled?

This program is designed to allow you, as a participant, to thoroughly cover a variety of subjects necessary to successfully manage issues in the nonprofit sector, while also enabling you the flexibility to choose subjects most relevant to your responsibilities and based on your individual experience.  Therefore, there is not a particular “set” of workshops that is required.  Workshops occur on an ongoing basis and those that will be credited toward a certification are identified on our website with an explanation of which core competency it will fulfill. Classes are typically held between Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

We will be adding to and updating this list throughout the course of the year.  *We encourage you NOT to take a workshop “just” to fulfill a requirement.  Please wait for topics that are of real interest to you as there will be more than enough workshops to fulfill all certification requirements within a one year period!

Are any of your workshops offered outside regular business hours?

We are not able to offer night or weekend classes at this time.

Do I have to apply for the certificate program?

No, there is not an application or admission process.  This certificate is meant to encourage anyone working or volunteering in the nonprofit sector to learn more about how to be effective in their efforts.  The workshops are led by subject matter experts provided by either Our Lady of the Lake faculty from the School of Business and Leadership or by Area Foundation approved consultants and trainers.

Can I earn multiple certificates?

You may build on your training by earning multiple certificates.  Please refer to the tracking charts and the pricing structure located on the left hand side of our OLLU nonprofit certificate web page.

How long does it take to earn the certificate?

That depends!  We will offer enough workshops in each core competency area to enable participants to finish the certificate process within a year.  Earning additional certificate(s) can begin at the conclusion of the first year.  We encourage participants to complete the program in two years, and we will work with participants who advise us of schedule conflicts.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost varies, depending on which certificate track(s) you enroll in. Click here for pricing structure.

What are the payment options?

You may pay in full and receive a discount of 17% of the overall cost of individuals classes paid out of pocket. Please click here to register for the bundled pricing.

If you are unable to pay in full you may register for the “pay as you go” option. This option allows you to pay as you complete the registered hours to obtain your certificate. Please email certifications@saafdn.org indicating you would like to enroll using the "pay as you go" payment option and a confirmation email will be sent once it has been approved. 

Are there any scholarships available for this program?

We currently do not offer any scholarships for the program. However, we do offer a "pay as you go" payment option.

Can I get the bundled price for extra certificates if I have already earned my first certificate and THEN decided to continue?

If after earning one certificate you decide to earn a 2nd (or 3rd), you will be charged the difference between the bundled pricing options IF you pay that difference up-front.

Which classes are required?

One of our two grantwriting courses (Basic or Advanced … your choice depending on your experience level) is required to earn the Fundraising Certificate.  At this point, all other classes are elective.

What if I have already taken a workshop this year? Will it count toward the certificate?

If the workshop you took in the current year is identified as one that earns you hours toward the certificate, we will retroactively give you credit.  If you pay for the full certificate program within the first three workshops you take toward your certification, you are eligible to receive the discounted pricing.

Why does the Fundraising Certificate cost more money?

One of our two grantwriting courses (Basic or Advanced … your choice depending on your experience level) is required to earn the Fundraising Certificate and our grantwriting workshops cost more money.

How do I track my progress in the certificate program?

Participants should use one of the tracking sheets available on our website or you may contact us at certifications@saafdn.org to learn about your progress in the program. 

Does discounted pricing apply to workshops taken outside my certificate track?

Workshops taken outside your chosen certificate track(s) will not be discounted in price.

I am ready to register. What is the process to register?

If you are opting into the bundled pricing you may register online here with your designated certificate track(s) for which you want to enroll. Once we have received your online payment or payment by mail you will receive an email confirming your enrollment into the program and the next steps required to register for any upcoming classes.

I see the Area Foundation offers additional certificate programs? How do I know which certificate is right for me?

Please click HERE to determine which of the certificates we offer is better for you. If you have any additional questions, please contact Sandie Palomo Gonzalez, spalomogonzalez@saafdn.org.

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