Student Emergency Grant Program

The Student Emergency Grant Program aims to help students remain in school by providing them with financial assistance when they are faced with a current, unexpected, unforeseen, and time-sensitive emergency.

The San Antonio Area Foundation's Student Emergency Grants is open to renewable scholarship students who are in the College Success Program and who are facing an economic hardship which, if not met, could result in the student having to choose between dropping out of school and continuing his or her education.

Renewable scholarship students are students who have received a scholarship that can be renewed over multiple years, as long as they continue to meet the requirements. Students receiving a one-time scholarship award or those who have to reapply for a scholarship are not eligible for this opportunity. 

Eligible students will:

  • Be a renewable student in good academic standing based on respective scholarship requirements
  • Have completed at least one semester and must submit a transcript to verify academic performance and hours

How to apply:

Email Bernice Uresti at to request a code to begin the Student Emergency Grant application. 

Application process

  • Complete an online application
  • Provide documentation of the expense(s)* associated with the emergency
  • Upon receipt of the application, staff will review and follow up with the student within one business day
  • Once student signs the agreement, a check will be mailed, within a week, to the company/organization requesting payment (payments will not be mailed directly to the students). 
  • Scholarship staff will provide a list of additional resources to student based on their emergency  – food bank, family services, Café College, university resources

*short-term, one-time occurrence of an unexpected, unforeseen, and time-sensitive emergency.

Grant restrictions

Students in the College Success Program:

  • Will be able to apply for up to two requests during the time they are in the renewal program with a maximum of $500 per request. No more than $1,000 will be granted to a student during this time. 

What it does not fund

The emergency grant program will not cover:

  • Tuition
  • Debts to college
  • Legal fees
  • More than one emergency in an academic year

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