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Mari Lopez, left, hands a free lunch to a walk-up at House of Neighborly Services Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020. HNS is using extra safety protocols for the safe handling and delivery of food to needy neighbors.

West Side Families Count On Good Neighbors During Pandemic

By Fabiana Rocha | October 13, 2020

House of Neighborly Service Still Strong After 100+ Years Even with restrictions gradually lifting on being out and about during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Estela Trujillo feels quite jittery about heading out of the house. As an older adult, she…

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UP Partnership: Prioritizing An Equitable Recovery For Our Youth

By Fabiana Rocha | September 16, 2020

In order to have a truly equitable post-coronavirus recovery, one key factor cannot be overlooked: academic systems serving young people can no longer work independently of one another.  “The pandemic clearly showed us that as a city, we are extremely…

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Merced Housing Texas

Philanthropic Pivot: Partners Flourish During Pandemic

By Hernan Rozemberg | September 1, 2020

San Antonio’s success as a city is the result of how the community consistently comes together to address urgent needs and unique opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that “we are stronger together,” a principle by which the San Antonio…

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Keeping Immigrant Families From Falling Through Societal Cracks

By Fabiana Rocha | August 31, 2020

When our region began feeling the pervasive impact of the quickly-spreading coronavirus pandemic in March, students suddenly saw their Spring Break extended by a few days. Then some more days. Weeks went by and students and their parents began hearing…

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