Grow Your Fund The San Antonio Area Foundation can accept a variety of assets to grow your fund.

Growing Your Fund

Once you have established a fund at San Antonio Area Foundation, you have the opportunity to make additional gifts that will increase your level of impact within our community today and well into the future.

Many donors inform friends and family about their fund so when a special occasion arises, such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions or retirements, gifts can be made in their honor.

We can create a program that will allow you to build your fund while fulfilling your philanthropic goals.

More options than you think

A surprise to many people, cash is not always the best gift. Gifts of appreciated stock, for example, may give you a larger dollar-for-dollar charitable deduction and an exemption from capital gains taxes on the appreciation.


The San Antonio Area Foundation can accept a variety of assets to grow your fund.


A gift of cash by check or credit card is a simple type of charitable gift.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Many gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds result in a charitable deduction for the full market value of the donated asset, even if you bought it for far less, and minimize capital gains taxes.

Real Estate

We offer you the opportunity to easily and effectively donate your property. A gift of real estate to the San Antonio Area Foundation offers a way to unlock the full appraised value of a property. You can gain significant tax advantages, and at the same time, build a charitable legacy to support your favored charitable organizations for years to come.

Life Insurance

Many people find that the protection offered by life insurance policies is no longer needed later in life. Thus a life insurance policy can become an ideal tool for charitable giving. A few steps need to be taken to donate a life insurance policy. You start by irrevocably assigning your insurance policy to the San Antonio Area Foundation and naming it as the sole beneficiary. You can make annual tax-deductible contributions to cover the policy's annual premium. Or, if the policy is paid up, you will receive an immediate tax deduction in an amount equal to the policy's cash surrender value.

Tools for planned giving

Naturally, you hope your assets last comfortably throughout your lifetime, with enough left over for loved ones. In fact, we expect you’re reading this section because you want to leave a leave a charitable legacy.

With planned giving, you have exciting options to:

  • Make tax-deductible gifts that earn annual income
  • Make gifts that protect certain valuable assets
  • Ensure the best asset (tax-wise) goes to friends and family members
  • Guarantee your charitable wishes are carried out.

When you visit our planned giving section, you will find: