Establish an Agency Fund We can help you focus on your mission. A fund with the San Antonio Area Foundation adds value to your nonprofit organization.

Establishing an Agency Fund

Rely on our financial expertise and purchasing power for investment of your endowment, operating reserves or designated fund. Join our community network of donors, fund advisors and nonprofit agencies, by establishing a nonprofit fund.


  • Professional oversight and investment management under the supervision of the Area Foundation’s Investment Committee and local experts familiar with modern portfolio theory and knowledge of the South Texas community
  • Investment purchasing power - funds are pooled with other Area Foundation assets to lower investment expenses. Each fund accrues its own share of the earnings and is accounted for separately by the Foundation.
  • Investment reviews and economic perspectives - including on-site presentations and question-and-answer sessions, timely analysis of historic performance and forward-looking strategies.
  • Planned giving - The Area Foundation’s planned giving staff can provide expertise, administer gifts and assist potential donors and their advisors on technical gift planning issues.
  • Acceptance of diverse assets for designated funds - The Area Foundation can receive unique gifts (assets like privately held stock, mutual fund shares and real estate) that may be highly tax advantageous to donors but difficult for nonprofits to own or process. Proceeds from liquidation of these assets can be added to the agency’s fund, invested or distributed to the agency according to the donor’s stated purpose.

Types of funds for nonprofit agencies