The San Antonio Area Foundation is proud to team up with and support the San Antonio African American Community Fund (SAAAACF), one of our outreach funds.

SAAAACF leadership couldn’t have been more thankful when construction company Vulcan Materials offered a $25,000 donation, since their many supporting nonprofits still suffered from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frank Alvarado delivers a bag of groceries to a family at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church food pantry and census drive Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Photographed for San Antonio Area Foundation photo©Bahram Mark Sobhani

The unexpected infusion in turn was a philanthropic godsend to various nonprofits primarily in San Antonio’s East Side working with and serving many of our city’s African-American residents.

“The demand for nonprofit services in the community significantly increased this year,” said Bobby Blount, Chairman of SAAAACF Board of Directors. “We worked with the San Antonio Area Foundation to immediately implement the funding from Vulcan Materials to those nonprofits having the biggest need and impact.”

Food bank directors Carol Harper, right, and George Casey, Chairman of the Board for Beyond the Light outreach prepare food boxes for needy families Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Photographed for San Antonio Area Foundation photo©Bahram Mark Sobhani

The Area Foundation salutes and congratulates the SAAAACF 2021 Vulcan Materials grant recipients. These nonprofits may fall under the mainstream radar but their tireless work and presence build up San Antonio’s African American community each and every day. Here are the grantees:

  • Antioch Missionary Baptist Church ($5,000): Funding goes to the church’s Erna Baker Food Bank & Clothing Ministry, which provides basic needs such as food, VIA bus passes, rental and utility assistance to more than 800 people.
  • San Antonio Ivy Educational Fund ($5,000): Funding will enable more than 200 member organizations of the fund’s City Wide Health and Wellness Program to put on a Citywide Hybrid Health event. The program provides education, raises awareness and promotes healthy living and better lifestyle for African American women.
  • Community Alliance Program ($5,000): Thanks to Vulcan grant, CAP’s food bank and homeless care services will be expanded. Assistance focuses on some of San Antonio’s low-income areas highly impacted by unemployment, decreased governmental support and increased need for child nourishment due to many staying at home for virtual learning.
  • Beyond the Light Outreach Project ($1,500): New grant funding will go toward the organization’s goal to fight hunger and its clothing service – including good, clothes, identification cards and hygiene packs. Service will be expanded throughout the Denver Heights neighborhood to both residents as well as people experiencing homelessness.
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church food pantry and census drive Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Photographed for San Antonio Area Foundation photo©Bahram Mark Sobhani
  • San Antonio City Wide NSBE Jr. Chapter “VEX IQ” ($1,500): Grant funding will support the expansion of the VEX IQ Robotics Program, which is meant to instill a lifelong interest in STEM for local youth.
  • Holy Redeemer Catholic Church ($1,500): New funding will go toward supporting the church’s mobile pantry program. The service provides meals primarily for residents in the East Side of San Antonio. Parishioners are encouraged to volunteer as part of the church’s belief in servant leadership in the community.
  • Life’s Little Miracles ($2,000): Working with literally the most vulnerable of all youth populations, new grant funding will go toward infant services, putting together and distributing care packages to the families of preemie babies.
  • RocknRockers Kids Pajama Foundation ($1,500): New funding will allow the organization to cover increased demand for pajamas as well as other supplies (such as school materials, Easter baskets and toys) for hospitalized children from low-income households.
  • San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum ($2,000): Grant funding will support SAAACAM’s virtual exhibits, digital archive and permanent collection that tells the story and preserves the cultural heritage of San Antonio’s Black community.

The mission of the San Antonio Area African American Community Fund (SAAAACF) is to promote and advocate for financial philanthropy to enhance the quality of living of the African American community in the San Antonio Area. Click here to learn more.