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Which cause aligns with your values?

You choose the initiative. We take care of the rest.

What makes our approach unique? We start upstream.

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We have organized a network of local nonprofits that are experts at tackling very specific needs. Their shared trait? They are under-resourced, yet undeniably dedicated.

This is where you come in. 

Your gift – in any amount – is combined with other gifts from advocates like you. The Area Foundation invests and grows these funds. 

Then we distribute the magnified sum to the best changemakers in our community. 

These specialized nonprofits channel your now-amplified gift into the initiative you care about.

So which cause pulls at your heartstrings? 

Join us in sculpting a vibrant arts and cultural community.

Restore dignity to our most under-resourced neighborhoods.

Caring for the generation that once cared for us.

Empower our youth to script their own destinies.

Sustainable change starts upstream.

The Power of Collective Impact

Changemakers like you are pooling together their assets in these key areas to make a big difference right now. With you, even more can be achieved. 

Your gift of any size to any of these established funds will be co-invested with others to maximize results. Join like-minded donors in your community today by making a donation.

Count me in! Now what?

Great work selecting your cause. The next step is determining what and how to give. 

We offer several quick, easy, and tax-smart options. Which is right for you?

Lisa Brunsvold
Chief Development Officer

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Cultural Vibrancy

Join Us In Sculpting A Vibrant Arts And Cultural Community.

The work of local artists transcends the confines of a museum, weaving living history into the very fabric of our neighborhoods. Contributors are dedicated writers, performers, and visual artists.

The array of artists, the mastery of their craft, and the caliber of their creations harmoniously sing “San Antonio.”

Our cultural organizations amplify the voices of our diverse communities – their work, an inseparable thread in the tapestry of local identity.

Like a rare artifact must be preserved, so too must we safeguard our colorful culture. Discover how you can ensure the vibrancy of this legacy for generations to come.

Livable & Resilient Communities

Restore dignity to our most under-resourced neighborhoods.

Too many in our community are trapped in a constant state of survival mode. They need a lifeline.

That may look like a roof over a family’s head, a meal for a hungry child, or a shelter for a domestic violence survivor.

Put compassion into action by providing basic human needs.

If you believe that basic physiological needs like food, water, and shelter should not be considered a luxury, join like minded advocates in providing hope.

For many, the answer to, “How do I feed my family?” or “What happens if I don’t have medication?” is just a matter of a few dollars. This means that gifts of every size have an immediate and substantial impact on someone’s life.

Let’s put a stop to generational poverty.

Successful Aging

We are all aging. Help us build capacity for generations.

Imagine shaving 21.6 years off your life expectancy based on one data point alone – your zip code.

Together, we can change that. But why stop there?

The Impact Fund for Successful Aging empowers older adults by:

  • Increasing caregiver capacity.
  • Decreasing social isolation.
  • Enabling seamless transportation.
  • Enhancing physical access.
  • Championing life-enriching activities.
  • Changing the way we think, feel and talk about aging.

Aging is not new. But the rapid growth of our older population certainly is. Specific segments are projected to quadruple within just 4 decades. Government and federal programs cannot sustainably support this growing need. But you can.

We must start now to build capacity for generations to come.

Let us celebrate life’s continuum. Join us in enabling better policies and support systems so that all our older adults can benefit from a longevity dividend by giving through the Successful Aging Impact Fund.

Youth Success

Empower Our Youth to Script Their Own Destinies.

Within the heart of the hospital nursery, 10 sleeping newborns peacefully begin their journey into our world. All healthy. All born into loving families. All with innate capacity for greatness.

Yet, by virtue of their families’ zip code, 3 of these infants are poised to begin life in an opportunity deficit.

Behind this illustration lies a sobering reality: 110,321 children in Bexar County live in poverty.

This staggering statistic is why we have assembled a dynamic collective of changemakers taking on the challenge of:

  • Eliminating Food Insecurity
  • Offering educational and leadership programs
  • Reviving parks and community spaces
  • Providing access to transportation


Our cradle-to-career continuum bridges the opportunity gap from a challenging childhood to thriving adulthood.

With your investment in the Youth Success Impact Fund, we can revolutionize the most under-resourced corners of our communities.

Be the caring neighbor who empowers our youth to script their own destinies. Place the keys to success back into their capable hands.

Join us in shattering the odds, and together – let’s watch our community flourish.

College Scholarships

Be a Trajectory Changer.

Within the halls of our local high schools, untapped resources await discovery. Each possesses a unique talent of which our community is in need.

Despite academic merit, students’ dreams risk being grounded without essential financial support. It’s only through scholarships that their educational journey can truly take flight.

Every dollar you provide propels these brilliant young minds one step closer to transforming their aspirations into achievements.

With each gift comes a powerful message: “You are capable. You are worthy. You will do great things.”

Watch as your generosity initiates a chain reaction – unearthing hidden talents and unlocking a world of possibilities.

Together, we have the capacity to redefine the course of both our youth and our community, one scholarship at a time.

San Antonio Forever

Sustainable Change Starts Upstream.

Drawing upon the timeless adage of ‘teaching a man to fish,’ the Forever Fund helps the people who are helping others.

Donors to the Forever Fund believe that we can scale the impact of the entire nonprofit ecosystem by equipping our region’s organizations with the tools they need to flourish.

This support comes in many forms:

  • Unrestricted funding for nonprofits to allocate where most needed
  • Professional development opportunities to build capacity of staff and volunteers
  • Disaster preparedness and emergency response
  • Priority investment in strategic initiatives
  • Demographic research for data-informed decision-making


As a hub for nonprofit development, we train thousands of community leaders on board governance, fundraising, and accounting. We have subsidized a 6-week financial analysis course through UTSA. We have hosted cohorts for C-suite capacity building. And with your gift, the opportunities continue.

Inefficiencies are too costly. Invest in a smarter way to do good.

Multiply the reach of your generosity by starting with the Forever Fund.

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