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  • Sample bequest language.
  • Materials for you and your clients – We provide materials for you to use and customize when working with your clients to achieve their charitable and financial goals. Materials include bequest language, sample fund agreements, and informational flyers for your clients on a range of charitable giving issues. Contact us to request these tools.
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How to Discuss Charitable Giving with Your Clients

90% of affluent donors who are not leveraging tax-efficient giving strategies want to learn more. 

Let’s partner together to give them what they want.

A decision that your client perceives as strictly wealth-related may actually be a missed charitable opportunity.

We have provided the most common use cases for marrying financial and philanthropic goals.

Consider it your cue to open a discussion on charitable giving the next time your client mentions any of these key scenarios:

The Area Foundation will help your clients identify specific charitable causes that align with their values, while maximizing the tax benefits of the bequest.

(Let us know here if SAAFdn is already in their will).


Your client just earned a large bonus. Or perhaps his business had an extremely profitable quarter. He wants to share that good fortune with his community. 

But with the fiscal year coming to a close, he has no time to research charitable organizations. You can recommend establishing a donor-advised fund (or one of our many other funds) through the Area Foundation. 

Your client will realize an immediate tax deduction. Then, at their convenience, we will provide guidance on selecting a cause that aligns with their values. 


Before selling an appreciated stock, ask your client about their charitable giving plans. By gifting stock instead, clients can claim a full income tax deduction for the stock’s fair market value and avoid capital gains tax. We even accept closely held stock.

Did you know a gift of appreciated crypto can be up to 20% more valuable than selling and donating the cash? Help your client make a bigger impact and save on taxes.

Your client finds he or she is not reaping sufficient income from the appreciated assets he or she has accumulated. The Area Foundation can show you how charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts can help your client achieve their charitable objectives while preparing well for retirement.

Your client plans to leave their retirement accounts to their beloved heirs. Unfortunately, this usually means a shrinking value, thanks to income and estate taxes. 

Instead, avoid double taxation by naming the Area Foundation as the beneficiary of retirement accounts. Pass more tax-favorable assets directly to heirs. 

Let us help your client preserve more wealth for their heirs and the causes they hold dear. (If SAAFdn is already a beneficiary, let us know here)

Your client owns highly appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired. The Area Foundation can work with you to suggest several ways to structure a charitable gift (including the use of planned giving techniques) to help your client reduce capital gains tax and maximize the impact for his or her favorite charitable causes.

If your client is 73 years or older with an IRA, the IRS will allow up to $100,000/yr to be donated from your IRA to nonprofits without paying income taxes on the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

No IRA? We can help convert a 401K or a 403B into an IRA. This is one of the most tax-savvy forms of giving.

Private Foundations are expensive, labor-intensive and have rigid distribution policies.

A fund through the Area Foundation often is a wiser choice. 

Clients can lower administrative costs and minimal thresholds while gaining access to the same grantmaking experts and investment staff offered by a large foundation.

And because the Area Foundation is a public charity, donors get the maximum tax benefits allowed by law. The Area Foundation can help you and your client consider simpler, more cost-efficient alternatives to a private foundation.

Signature Funds
Establish your own charitable foundation with minimum administrative and legal requirements. All correspondence and related information to the fund will be branded with your logo. These funds can be managed separately or invested through the Area Foundation’s investment portfolio options.

Donor Advised Funds
Consider a donor advised fund or choose from a variety of fund types.

Supporting Organizations
We could establish a lower-cost and tax-wise alternative to a private foundation, such as a supporting organization.

Lisa Brunsvold
Chief Development Officer

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