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We work with you to ensure that your investments reflect your values.

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Together we create powerful tools to ensure your philanthropic investments have the greatest impact.

Charitable giving should be strategic​

You want your gifts to not only matter, but to reflect your values and leave a legacy. We are experts at investing, protecting, and growing your gifts so you can support your favorite causes for years to come. You can start immediately by supporting an existing fund, or make plans for a fund after you’re gone. There are a variety of options available to accommodate your charitable needs.

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We are your partner in improving our community

The San Antonio Area Foundation offers charitable funds for families and individuals to use during and after their lifetimes. We can also customize funds for businesses and charitable organizations. San Antonio residents and organizations have established over 500 charitable funds at the Area Foundation, distributing more than half a billion dollars in scholarships and grants to:

  • Educate youth.
  • Support livable and resilient communities.
  • Support cultural vibrancy.
  • Assist an aging population.
  • Build community capacity.
  • Support community engagement.

How We Invest

We take great care to invest your funds strategically, prudently and transparently, so you can see them grow over time and they are available for grand-making now and for generations to come.

We work with our community-led investment committee of seasoned experts, in partnership with Colonial Consulting LLC, to use a defensive portfolio strategy emphasizing growth and capital appreciation while protecting your investments. We want you to be able to support your favorite causes and nonprofits for years to come. The cornerstone of our investment strategy is the preservation of capital regardless of market performance, ensuring funds are available to support your causes.


Think about what you would like to support.


Choose the type of fund that meets your needs. We can help.


Name your fund and we will create a personal fund agreement for you to sign.

Open A Fund

Establishing a fund at the San Antonio Area Foundation is a simple yet effective way to invest in your community. It truly is as easy as 1-2-3.

Learn more about how to open a fund. You can also call 210.225.2243 or email us with questions.

Leave A Lasting Legacy

This is customized philanthropy designed to withstand the test of time. Our professional staff works with your trusted financial advisor to ensure your charitable goals are met.

You can call us at 210.225.2243 to learn more about planned giving. Follow this link for some sample language for your will, or contact us and we can help you through the process.

Manage Your Fund

The San Antonio Area Foundation wants you to rest assured knowing that you control your fund. We have created a donor portal where you can easily make and track grant recommendations, view and run reports of your fund statement history, and so much more.

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