Types of Funds

Learn all about the various types of funds to meet your charitable goals.

You are fully involved in each step of the giving process. You recommend the charitable organization, the amount and timing of the grants while the fund grows through investment income. We handle the due diligence, the paperwork and provide staff assistance with a range of donor services.

You can impact a student’s life by providing scholarships for students to pursue their educational dreams. An individual, family, business or organization can establish a scholarship. You create the selection guidelines and the Area Foundation identifies eligible students, distributes the scholarships, handles all paperwork and documentation and ensures students continue to meet the criteria once enrolled in college.

You decide the fund’s focus, such as education, the arts, animal welfare or scientific research. The Area Foundation finds and funds the best nonprofits organizations and programs in your selected field to advance your philanthropic goals.

You name the charity or charities that you want to support. We invest the money, make annual grants in your name and monitor these organizations. Should the designated organization or purpose it served, cease to exist, the fund’s income is redirected to maintain your charitable intent.

You give the Area Foundation discretion to make grants in your name, addressing our community’s most pressing needs today and in the future. Your gift is amplified by over 60 other funds that award millions to nonprofits each and every year.

Your nonprofit functions as the donor and the beneficiary. An agency investment fund can generate a predictable stream of income for your operations and programs, creating sustainability thanks to our variety of balanced and diversified investment pools with world-class professional oversight and low investment fees.

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A tax-wise alternative to a private foundation, these separate public charities are under the management of the Area Foundation. You can hire staff and operate under the guidance of a board, while enjoying tax and legal advantages not available to private foundations. We handle the administrative oversight, including IRS-mandated tax returns and annual audits.

Supporting Organizations are aligned to the Area Foundation’s mission and operate under the structure of our 501c(3).

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