Legacy Scholarship

Offered to eligible high school Juniors living and attending school in Bexar and Webb Counties

2023-2024 Legacy Scholarship - APPLICATION NOW CLOSED

The San Antonio Area Foundation’s Legacy Scholarship program has rapidly expanded, making dreams of higher education a reality for many Bexar and Webb county high school juniors. Founded by an anonymous donor, this program has become one of the largest college scholarship initiatives in the nation. In 2023, $4 million was awarded to 100 students.

Bernice Uresti

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Bernice Uresti
Executive Director, Legacy Scholarship and Scholars​

About the Scholarship

The San Antonio Area Foundation’s Legacy Scholarship is open to high school junior students living in Bexar and Webb counties and attending a high school located in Bexar County. As one of the nation’s largest scholarships, our vision is to close opportunity gaps for those that need it most. Each student will receive $10,000 per academic year (up to four years).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a current high school junior living in Bexar County or Webb County.
  • Attend a high school located in Bexar County or Webb County.
  • Proven leadership qualities and passion for community involvement.
  • Attend a Texas university/college after high school graduation.
  • If awarded, students must plan to attend an orientation and will be invited to participate in college success events.

How Students Are Selected

Scholarship applications are scored on a combination of factors. We encourage you to use the essay sections to express your goals, describe your challenges and illustrate your potential to succeed in college.

Application Dates

October 01, 2024 – December 01, 2024

How to Apply


The Legacy application will open October 1 and will close December 1 in 2024.  

The Legacy application will open October 16 and will close December 15. 

No, there is not a fee to apply.

The Legacy Scholarship is only for high school juniors who live in Bexar or Webb counties and attend a high school located in either county and plan to attend a college or university in Texas.  Proven leadership qualities and a passion for community involvement are also important.  If awarded, students must attend an orientation and have the opportunity to participate in other future college success events. 

No, we have a very competitive process and lots of applications are submitted.  A limited number of scholarships are awarded each year. 

Every application is reviewed and scored by local community members.  Each application is scored based on GPA, resume and essays.

Unfortunately, the scholarship is for students living in Bexar or Webb County and attending a high school located in Bexar or Webb counties. 

No, unfortunately, the Legacy Scholarship is only for high school juniors who will graduate from high school in the following year after applying.

We receive a lot of applications and it is difficult for us to inform each person if their application was submitted correctly. Provided you submit your application, you will be contacted if there is a problem with your application and given a chance to correct.

You can submit an official or unofficial transcript provided it has your name, the name of your school, your most recent semester grades, and your cumulative GPA.

No, but you will be asked to submit an acceptable transcript.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be notified by email by the end of March in the following year. 

Yes, we will notify you by email that you were not selected for a scholarship.

No, unfortunately, the scholarship requires that you attend a Texas college or university. 

The scholarship check will be sent directly to the Texas college or university of your choice. 

The school is asked to split the check evenly into the two semesters (fall and spring).

During the scholar’s senior year of high school, we will send an email to the student requesting completion of an online form informing us of the college or university of their choice and providing us with their student ID.

You will receive the email by early May, so it is important that we have your most current email address.

We will not send your award to your college until the student ID is submitted.  This ID informs us that you’ve registered and are ready to begin.

Yes, you are required to attend an orientation during which you will be informed of the future requirements of the scholarship. You will also be invited to participate in future college success event.

You must reach out to us prior to switching schools at legacyscholarship@saafdn.org but provided the scholar plans to transfer to a college or university in Texas they can continue receiving the scholarship. 

Yes, please do.  We would like to know why you are transferring and may be able to provide some support. 

Each year we will contact you via email and the scholar will have to complete an online renewal form and submit the semester transcript. 

The scholarship requires that students maintain full-time status and have achieved a GPA of at least a 2.5 cum GPA or a 2.5 semester GPA. 

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