BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH Supporting research programs to evolve healthcare.

Funding Purpose

Understanding and improving our community’s health is vital to building an inclusive and equitable San Antonio. Biomedical Research grants are available to support programs dedicated to advancing the prevention, treatment, and understanding of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and infectious diseases.

We need to focus on what we heard from the community - and improving our process to meet those needs. We have made a transition from awarding Biomedical Research grants for individual research projects to awarding grants to research institutions.  Rather than having multiple applications from the same institution, our goal is to give the awarded institution the flexibility to utilize the funds in a way that will be most effective for their work and for the community.

Institutions receiving the Biomedical Research grants will propose how they plan to utilize the funds. They may propose using the funds for a single research project or program; or, they may propose using the funds for more than one smaller project.

Going forward, we will award two Biomedical Research grants every two years. The grants will be two-year grants. We will award the grants to different institutions every two years. Should more funding become available in the future, we’ll revisit the process.

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Past Grant Awards

Gavin Nichols

Senior Program Officer