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Investing In Our Youth Through Academic Success
Tiffany Padilla always dreamed of getting a college degree to reach her career goal of becoming a youth counselor. But following her father’s stroke a few years ago, which took […]
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By Hernan Rozemberg
August 27, 2021
To The Brink And Back: A Little Help Goes A Long Way
The acceptance letter was effusive: “Congratulations! Welcome to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film MFA program!” As much as I welcomed that news, reality soon sunk in: I […]
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By Jorge Corona
August 26, 2021
Area Foundation Leader Wins Renaissance with the Stars 2021 and Supports Cause
“I’m Lisa Brunsvold, the VP of Development and Donor Services at the San Antonio Area Foundation (SAAFDN). It’s been my privilege to work alongside the San Antonio Area African American […]
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By Angel Martinez
August 24, 2021
Top Fundraiser for SA’s Black Community Back in Action
Renaissance with the Stars dance-off combines entertainment with philanthropy Only a global pandemic last year could put a stop to the decade-long run for one of the top annual fundraising […]
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By San Antonio Area Foundation
August 19, 2021
All Together Now: Advocating For Older Adults Through Collective Impact
It doesn’t take long for anyone to realize that Jane Paccione is a bona fide force of nature. Her experience, knowledge and passion are just that palpable. Not only that, […]
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By Hernan Rozemberg
August 17, 2021
Area Foundation Grant Helps Save Domestic Violence Survivors
TW // sexual violence, domestic violence Domestic violence, which threatens the lives of vulnerable victims and the healthy development of thousands of families, had already risen to alarming highs in […]
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By Crystal Chandler
August 12, 2021
Renaissance 2019
Hit The Dance Floor: Renaissance With The Stars Makes Triumphant Return
Like so many annual events and fundraisers that light up San Antonio’s social and cultural landscape — often vital to their sponsoring organizations — Renaissance with the Stars is set to return […]
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By James Courtney
August 11, 2021
Catchafire: Matching SA Nonprofits With Volunteer Experts
While looking at ways to support local nonprofits in their recovery efforts last year, the San Antonio Area Foundation joined other local funders to bring Catchafire to the San Antonio […]
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By Kiko Martinez
August 10, 2021
Meet Them Where They Are: Wash & Learn Helps Bridge SA’s Digital Divide
Libraries Without Borders US (LWB US) is a nonprofit organization that delivers access to information, education and cultural resources. From parks in Baltimore to laundromats in San Antonio, LWB US […]
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By Cassie Korcel
August 5, 2021
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