The San Antonio Area Foundation is proud to support community programs benefiting our youth and which speak to our vision of closing opportunity gaps for those who need it most.

Teaming up with its community outreach fund, the San Antonio Area African American Community Fund(SAAAACF), the Area Foundation proudly sponsored the 2023 Community Basketball League (CBL), which aims to keep youth off the streets and out of trouble by having them play basketball with dozens of their peers.

Charles Sattiewhite Jr.,  founder of community nonprofit San Antonio Rising Stars, which organizes CBL, invited the Area Foundation to attend the championship game earlier this month.

“We want to show these kids that we are here to support them and help them find their purpose,” Sattiewhite said.

He explained that many youth in this league don’t have very much, which is why they also bring food to every game, so nobody leaves hungry. 

“I’m happy that all my friends and I can be back on the court together,” effused Xavier Spencer, a participant in the Community Basketball League (formerly known as Midnight Basketball League). A good portion of these young people have grown up together, so the league also serves as a hub for community interaction amongst the youth. 

“Charles and I started this league together and this are just the beginning,” noted Troy Smith, a retired San Antonio Police officer. Troy assists in serving the youth in the league, connecting them with resources and opportunities for employment. He also highlighted that they’ll be taking a group of 16 league members to New York City at the end of the season to play against NYPD officers and learn more about law enforcement. 

The Area Foundation remains committed to serving the youth of San Antonio. By giving funds to programs such as CBL, we help uplift marginalized youth and connect them with community members and resources to work toward the goal of not letting one’s zip code define their life outcomes. Go to to find out more about work and learn about the many ways you can get involved and give back to your community!

Cristiana Salinas is the Multi-Media Specialist in the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Marketing and Communications Department.