After doing volunteer work for a nonprofit organization Rose and Robert Reyes decided to start one of their own, founding King’s Compassion in 2011.

Their nonprofit focuses on serving San Antonio’s low-income older adults, most of whom live on their own and with little to no family support. 

“This is a community that is often overlooked,” Rose said. Many elders become isolated in their later years, being left behind and forgotten, but that’s where King’s Compassion steps in.

The nonprofit delivers groceries and basic needs,, while also donating furniture and offering free lawn services to lend a hand and assure isolated adults that they are remembered and cared for. 

It’s also about empowering them to age in place in the comfort of their homes (to find out more about aging in place and more information and resources for older adults in San Antonio, learn about the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio (SALSA) coalition.

Successful Aging is also one of the Area Foundation’s four principal grantmaking impact areas. King’s Compassion received a $15,000 Successful Aging grant for each of the next three years as part of the latest (2023-2025) funding cycle.

“I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with King’s Compassion before, and you can see that this is a treat for our seniors,” shared Alex Saunders, a volunteer for the nonprofit. Saunders researched volunteer opportunities and when she learned of the King’s Compassion mission and vision, she knew it was the right fit for her. 

“Many of the seniors have said they have sons and daughters who don’t come to visit, which is heartbreaking, Saunders said. 

That’s why program beneficiaries like Joyce Garcia are eternally grateful for the food and companionship that King’s Compassion provides her.

“They’re an awesome couple,” she said during a Thanksgiving Week delivery, in reference to Rose and Robert Reyes. “I am very blessed to receive the items that Compassion brings to my home. They’re good people – good people,” Garcia shared with one hand over her heart.

Cristiana Salinas is the Multi-Media Specialist with  the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Marketing and Communications Department