College Success Program

Supporting our scholarship recipients, specifically first-generation college students and/or students from low-income households.


To help these students complete their college education on time.

The U.S. Department of Education reports that only 81 percent of first-time students enrolled full time in a public four-year college or university, returned for their second year. For public colleges and universities with open admission policies, the rate of return was 62 percent.

Over tha past two years, we have analyzed data from scholarship recipients by studying the numbers, researching best practices, and listening to students as they shared challenges faced while attending college. As a result, we uncovered the barriers that make it difficult for our students to perform well in school and the factors that make them more likely to succeed. This research has deepened our understanding of the role a community foundation can play to increase graduation rates of these scholars. That’s why the College Success Program was born.

Beginning in 2017, students receiving a renewable scholarship are automatically enrolled in the College Success program. Through this program, they will have access to the resources and the support needed to help them graduate.

The College Success Program Includes:

College Success Quarterly Newsletter

To connect students to support, knowledge, advice and resources.

Annual Scholarship Event

To celebrate and prepare new scholarship recipients for college.

Are You a Scholarship Recipient?

If you are a scholarship recipient and have questions about whether you are eligible to receive these services, please contact Jennifer Ballesteros.

Jennifer Ballesteros
Jennifer Ballesteros
Executive Director, Scholarship & Relief Programs
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