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San Antonio Area Foundation is a powerful resource and ally making YOU a hero to your clients. We equip you with the tools to talk to your clients about:

  • Investing in philanthropic opportunities in key areas: scholarships, the arts, community needs and more
  • Transforming their legacy into a collective prosperity that will not be forgotten
  • Building a bright future by actively participating in an area that matters to them the most


You win. Your clients win. The community wins.

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Contact Laura Giacomoni, Executive Director, Development and Donor Services, at 210-775-1782.

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The San Antonio Area Foundation serves as your most trusted and impactful philanthropic partner.

We are a collaborative leader, investing in the future of our community by coordinating resources to create positive change and close opportunity gaps for those who need it most.

Since 1964, the Area Foundation has distributed more than $750 Million in grants and scholarships to educate youth, feed and house our neighbors, serve older adults, preserve cultural arts, protect animals, fund research and provide services and programs that enhance the quality of life for people living in and around San Antonio.
We help people make meaningful gifts to improve the quality of life today and for generations to come.

We provide a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving so contributions can have an everlasting impact on the community.

If you have a client with big dreams for our community, we have the infrastructure. Let’s collaborate.

With the hundreds of nonprofits in the San Antonio area, we take the confusion out of where exactly to direct charitable gifts. We have done the research, identified motivated changemakers, and can provide consulting on how to maximize impact on community causes your clients hold most dear.

We offer wide variety of tax-smart charitable fund solutions, including effective and simple alternatives to private family foundations.

We are your most equipped and trusted philanthropic partner, with nearly 60 years of expertise, and it would be an honor to work with you. Let’s collaborate.

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