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“I don’t believe in Art. I believe in Artist.” – Marcel Duchamp

Gerry Frost, a trailblazer in multimedia installations, seamlessly integrated film, and digital media with traditional art forms. Her artistic journey commenced in the 1970s and unfolded throughout her lifetime. Her Immersive and thought-provoking multi-media installations exemplified an avant-garde approach; intertwining sculpture, film, and theater to captivate audiences.

Beyond her role as an artist, Gerry’s commitment extended to education. Throughout her career, she generously imparted her extensive knowledge through lectures, mentoring, and various artist residencies, workshops, and programs. Her passion for nurturing emerging talents was evident in her multifaceted teaching roles, ranging from being an adjunct professor in art and design to frequently serving as a distinguished guest lecturer in art history.

The Gerry Frost Memorial Scholarship seeks to commemorate Gerry’s legacy by providing support to students pursuing degrees in the digital arts. This initiative reflects her enduring dedication to fostering the next generation of artistic visionaries and ensuring that her innovative spirit lives on in the evolving landscape of digital creativity.

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