What Legacy Will You Leave?

What is it about this place that we call home?

What Legacy Will You Leave?

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes San Antonio so different, so unique… so us. It is full of color. Full of life. Full of a rich history and heritage to celebrate. Some people say we are a big city with a small town feel. The flavor of San Antonio is distinct. The people, the culture, the colors. Woven together to create a rich fabric. It is our diversity. It is our family. It is our neighborhoods. This is our home.

Thousands of years of indigenous cultures made San Antonio their home.

Later, the missions, the military presidio and civilian settlements became a part of our community because people were looking for a better life for themselves and their families. That was hundreds of years ago. Our city looks different today, but our desire for a better community has not changed. It is who we are. How are we changing our community for the better? We face challenges, but as a family, we are committed to working together to solve problems.

So, let me ask you another question.

If this is your home, if you love this place, what are you doing to make it better? What legacy will you leave? Now is the time to answer that question. Will you:

  • Feed hungry families?
  • Advocate for more parks, walking spaces and bike trails?
  • Help students stay in school?
  • Support veterans and their families as they are welcomed and integrate into society?
  • Will you adopt a furry friend?
  • Plant a community garden?
  • Encourage the incredible abilities and valuable contributions of all people?
  • Menor a child?
  • Connect children to music and the arts?
  • Will you have the courage to give a voice to the voiceless?

Each one of us has something of value that we can share. Not one of us will have the solution.

Not one of us will have all of the money, the resources or the time. But all of us, together, can impact a cause… can impact a person… can impact our community. You can do something.

Well, did you think about the answer to the question? What legacy will you leave?

Make this community a better place for our children. Get involved. Volunteer. Open a fund. Invest in the well-being of San Antonio, today and for years to come.

The heartbeat of this community is you. It is us. Support what you love, where you live.

The San Antonio Area Foundation is your community foundation. We can nurture and protect your legacy.

Are You With Us?

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