John L. Santikos Collaborative Grants Leveraging the power of collaboration to create community change

The Santikos Story

The San Antonio Area Foundation has the privilege of carrying out Mr. John L. Santikos’ commitment of making a difference throughout the community he loved.  As a philanthropist, Mr. Santikos’ charitable interests addressed an array of community needs that include:

  • Assisting people in need, specifically individuals with mental and physical challenges, seniors, victims of child abuse and victims of disasters
  • Advancing health through healthcare and wellness initiatives, and medical research
  • Supporting youth and education though college and university programs, pre-k to 12 initiatives, scholarships, and youth development programs
  • Supporting Arts and Culture through arts education, libraries, museums, public parks, public radio and public television

Keeping Mr. Santiko’s philanthropic desires as a guiding force, the John L. Santikos Collaborative Grants intentionally create partnerships to advance equity and make a difference throughout the community. 

Recent Collaborations