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Thanks to the vision and generosity of our fund advisors the San Antonio Area Foundation has more than 100 scholarship funds available for graduating high school students and current college students.

Each fund has its own criteria based on the fund advisor's interest. Some scholarships fund a student's education in a specific area of study, attend a fund advisor's alma mater or award scholarships to students from a specific school. 

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Click the link above to view all our available scholarships and the type of application used along with other useful information. 

We highly recommend completing the Universal Application, which links you up with 25 different scholarships, as well as the Common Application, which links you up with 57 different scholarships.  Then check the scholarship list and see if you're eligible for any of the Individual Applications or External Applications.

Some scholarships fund a student's education in a specific area of study, or to attend a fund advisor's alma mater or award scholarships to students from a specific high school. 

Visit the Scholarships FAQ's if you have any questions or watch the tutorial video on How to Apply for a Scholarship


List of scholarship funds

  • Abrazo/Mitchard Birthmother Scholarship Fund
  • Alamo Heights High School Class of 1965 Teacher Appreciation Scholarship
  • Alfred W. Negley Trust
  • Alice and Harold Clark Pletz Memorial Scholarship
  • American Society of Civil Engineers – San Antonio Scholarship Fund
  • American Sunrise Scholarship Fund
  • Anna, Pierre, and Ephraim Block Scholarship
  • AnnDee and Jim Steidel Vocational Scholaship Fund
  • Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Scholarship
  • Beldon Group of Companies Scholarship Fund
  • Ben and Ida Alexander Memorial Fund
  • Benson Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Blue Bird Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
  • Brian Morris College Gateway Scholarship Fund
  • Brice and Teresa Moczygemba Engineering Fund
  • Carol Lee Jones Scholarship
  • Charlotte and Jule S. Theobald Scholarship Trust
  • CITGO Distinguished Scholar Program
  • Clark Scholarship Fund
  • Cunningham Scholarship Fund
  • Dan L Duncan/Houston Safari Club Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • DEAF Support Scholarship Fund
  • Della Mabel Wright Scholarship Trust
  • Dewitt Churchwell Excellence in Construction Fund
  • Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Summer Program Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Robert M. Esterl, Jr., Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Fund
  • Duncan Scholars Program Scholarship Fund
  • Emo Jean Cottrell Scholarship Fund
  • Erin Wilson McMahon Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ernest & Marie Graham Scholarship Fund
  • ETA Alliance Booster Club Scholarship Fund
  • Express-News Employee Scholarship Fund
  • Express-News Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Feeding Student Success Scholarship Fund
  • Florence Emma Eichler Scholarship Fund
  • Frances Ann Hill & Arthur Gray Smith Legacy Fund
  • Francisca H. Eschauzier Scholarship Trust
  • Frank H. and Zona T. Hall Fund
  • Franque and Philip Curtis Scholarship
  • Friends of the Carver Academy/IDEA
  • Glenda Woods Scholarship Fund
  • Harvey E. Najim Charitable Foundation Scholarship
  • Hedwig T. Kniker Scholarship Trust
  • Ida V. Holland Educational Trust
  • J. Kent Trinkle Scholarship
  • Jean Longwith Scholarship for Radio-Television-Film
  • Jean Y. and Robert W. Fish Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jimmy Elizabeth Harper & Ethel Harper Scholarship
  • Joe Salek Scholarship for Theatre Arts Trust
  • John L. Santikos Companies Employee Scholarship
  • John Phillip Goudge Memorial Fund
  • Joseph, Rose, Myron and Norman Fink Memorial
  • Judge Lee H. Lytton, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • Judith Markelz Scholarship Fund
  • Loretta B. Simpson Scholarship Fund
  • Louise M. and Francis J. Jehl Scholarship Fund
  • Lt. Commander Brice James Johnson Memorial
  • Marshall O. Bell Scholarship Trust
  • Mary Burnley Wilson Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Kay Owens Memorial Fund
  • Methodist Hospital Stone Oak Employee Scholarship Fund
  • MHM Scholarship George Wray Jr. & Col. Vane Hugo
  • MLK Commission Scholarship Fund
  • Morgan Schooley Scholarship Fund
  • Nemo Herrera Scholarship Fund
  • Olga Seiser Vincent Music Scholarship Fund
  • Pat and Dorothy (Lehr) Legan Scholarship Fund
  • Pay it Forward Scholarship for Physical and Occupational Therapy Fund
  • Patricia L. Hartman & Lois C. Hartman Scholarship
  • Penny Ann Powers Scholarship Fund
  • R. L. White Scholarship Fund
  • Rapier Educational Foundation
  • Robert B. Taylor Educational Trust
  • Sally P. and Glenn L. Ramsdell Scholarship Fund
  • San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists Scholarship
  • Scott Family Endowment
  • Sonia E. and Edward D. Esparza '66 - Texas A&M CS Scholarship
  • Sloan Parker Pilgrim Scholarship Fund
  • Smart Energy Education Scholarship (sponsored by Itron, Inc. and CPS Energy
  • Teresa and David R. Schmidt, M.D. Scholarship
  • Texas Education Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Texans Can Academy Scholarship Fund - San Antonio
  • Tito Villalobos Moreno Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • United Charitable Fund
  • USAA Golden Eagle Scholarship Fund
  • Valero Scholarship
  • Victor J. Ferrari Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Vikki Carr Scholarship Foundation
  • W. B. Daugherty Educational Trust
  • Wade Richmond Memorial Scholarship Trust
  • Walk by Faith Scholarship Fund
  • Walter E. and Evelyn H. Haggard Scholarship Trust
  • Whataburger Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Women In Communications/Ajay Castro Scholarship
  • World Affairs Council of San Antonio Scholarship Fund

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