Culture, affordable housing, needs of youth and aging in the spotlight for 2020 giving; community experts invited to serve on grantmaking committees.

Livable communities, culture and the arts, successful aging and youth education are the four impact areas that the San Antonio Area Foundation will focus its grantmaking for 2020 and beyond. Non-profit organizations addressing needs in these categories are invited to apply for one of the Area Foundation’s upcoming open, annual responsive grant processes. The grant application deadline for Cultural Vibrancy and Youth Success (Cycle 1) is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 3. We are working during this extraordinary time to meet the mission of our nonprofits in whatever way possible, and for that reason, we are extending our deadline. The grant application deadline for Livable and Resilient Communities and Successful Aging (Cycle 2) will be announced at a later date. A non-profit organization may apply in only one cycle. 

“Through community input and strategic planning for our grantmaking processes, we have discerned four areas of impact to center our annual responsive grantmaking,” said Marjie French, CEO for the Area Foundation. “Coupled with a shift to operational funding and the engagement of additional community voices in our grantmaking, we are excited to strengthen our relationships with our nonprofit partners, volunteers and donors.”

The Area Foundation is also inviting community members to join Community Advisory Committees as expert volunteers who will recommend grant awards to nonprofit organizations through its annual grants program. Committee volunteers work alongside staff to deepen relationships with nonprofit partners, review applications, and make recommendations for grants. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, May 3.

Ideal candidates are individuals with a demonstrated commitment to their community through professional, educational, and volunteer experience; with a background in one of the four focus areas; are able to commit to attending three meetings per year, among other qualifications.

For more details and an application visit our Community Advisory Committee page.

In its 2020 grant awards, the Area Foundation will continue to offer general operating grants to allow organizations the flexibility to direct money where it is most needed. The four impact areas for grantmaking are:

  • Cultural Vibrancy: Supports organizations and programming that ensure access to arts and cultural programming and encourage broad participation from all parts of our community; reflect the diverse cultures of the greater San Antonio area; and promote the value of arts and culture through arts education, advocacy, and the integration of arts and culture across sectors through innovative collaboration.
  • Livable and Resilient Communities: Supports organizations, programs and initiatives that further access to affordable, safe, and stable housing; transportation; access to health and wellness resources; public spaces; public-private partnerships to create sustainable opportunities and address disparities in these areas across the greater San Antonio area; and platforms for community/stakeholder voice and leadership.
  • Successful Aging: Supports organizations and programs that address the needs of aging adults and their caretakers; recognize their ongoing contributions to diverse communities across the greater San Antonio area; provide opportunities for older adults to engage and connect; and build awareness of and collaboration between existing resources.
  • Youth Success: Supports organizations and programs that encourage the achievement of all youth within the community throughout a student’s education (cradle to career); address disparities across youth educational outcomes; provide equitable access to scholarships; and engage communities by strengthening youth leadership and providing educational activities for parent and caretakers.

For nonprofit organizations seeking more information the 2020 grantmaking process, please visit our Grants page.